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They’ve enjoyed Dr. Cugelman’s training:

And over 500  others, including small business, government departments, non-profit organizations, students, and academics.

What participants are saying

Excellent content. Applicable everywhere. Thank you.

Adam Dobrer, Business Experience Design Manager, Deloitte Consulting
Great balance of practical and theory on persuasive design of interactive media.
George Paravantes, MFA IxD, Program Coordinator & Professor, Humber College
What seals the deal, is how these factors have been formed into a tool for analysis, and structured around iteration for increased understanding over time.
Robert Mackie, Senior Interaction Designer, Samsung Electronics

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Workshops (September – November 2015)

Psychology for Digital Behavior Change [P2]
(2-day workshop)

Over two days, you will learn how to recognize and apply over 50 principles of persuasive design psychology, as well as simple steps that you can follow to design more engaging technologies.

Upcoming workshops:

  • Washington: 24-25 Sep 2015 (SOLD OUT)
  • New York City:  28-29 Sep 2015
  • Chicago: 1-2 Oct 2015
  • Ottawa: 28-29 Oct 2015
  • Vancouver: 16-17 Nov 2015
  • Toronto: 23-24 Nov 2015 (SOLD OUT)
  • Toronto: 26-27 Nov 2015  (overflow workshop)
  • Seattle: 24-25 Feb 2016

Psychological Architectures of Digital Behavior Change [A1]
(1-day workshop)

Whereas our foundational course teaches you the core principles of digital behavior change, this workshop will teach you how to combine those principles into highly influential design patterns, called Psychological Architectures, such as gamification, landing pages, habit loops, and more.

Upcoming workshops: 

  • Ottawa: 30 Oct 2015
  • Vancouver: 18 Nov 2015
  • Toronto: 25 Nov 2015
  • Seattle: 26 Feb 2016

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Great workshop! I enjoyed the training and it was very useful. We will start implementing some of the ideas in our projects.
Alex Aranda, Senior User Experience Designer, Samsung Electronics

Samsung testimonial

Brian really helped with illustrating persuasive design concepts and will help drive design decisions in the future.
Robert Hendry, Product & User Experience Leader, Salesforce.com Inc


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