Internet Research Methods and Impact Evaluations

This workshop will focus on online indicators, measurement techniques, data sources, and how to integrate online evidence into social media monitoring work. These topics will be addressed within the context of several cases studies and examples of institutional publication evaluations, coalition website networks, time-series news/web trends, and influence within online debates.

Global Citizens Forum, Reaching the Canadian Public

Ontario Council on International Development, with funding from the Canadian International Development Agency

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AlterSpark workshop on Internet research methods for impact evaluations

Dr. Brian Cugelman will give a four hour workshop for evaluators wishing to understand how Internet research methods, commonly used in the social sciences, can enhance traditional evaluation approaches. The workshop is taking place at the Canadian Evaluation Society's annual conference, 4-5 October 2010, titled “Optimizing the Practice of Evaluation”.

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AlterSpark speaking at social media measurement event–Measurement Matters

Measurement really matters in emerging and fast changing fields. And social media is a field that is evolving rapidly. Evolving in participation, as it transforms from something for early adopters to a part of mainstream life. Evolving as new tools and platforms proliferate. Evolving as people adopt it and find new uses for it. Anyone who uses social media for their work or is serious about it must understand what we can and should measure and how we can do it.

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Advocacy Evaluation Case Study: Evaluating Oxfam’s Climate Change Campaign

Oxfam GB’s M&E advisors, Simon Starling and Claire Hutchings, and the two external evaluators, Dr. Brian Cugelman and Eva Otero, will discuss the institutional and methodological challenges of assessing a complex global campaign, and describe both the efforts to improve real time strategic learning during the campaign, and the methodology developed to address the evaluative questions posed by the external evaluation.

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