dbc-architecturePsychological Architectures of Digital Behavior Change [A1]

1-Day Advanced Architectures Workshop (2 of 2)

Learn advanced psychological patterns that drive influential websites, apps, and campaigns

This advanced workshop builds beyond our foundational workshop [P2], by introducing you to 10 new principles of feedback psychology and then teaching you how to build and apply Psychological Architectures.

Whereas our foundational workshop focuses on the core principles of behavior change, this advanced workshop focuses on how to combine those principles into Psychological Architectures, the winning combinations of psychological principles that define the major persuasive design patterns, behavior change theories, industry best practices and page design types.

You’ll learn how to tastefully combine psychological principles into various design patterns for better user experiences, greater conversions, and more effective marketing campaigns.

This workshop ends with a group exercise where you will learn how to design multi-channel user journeys, and better understand when to apply the right psychological principles across ads, web pages, emails, social media, ,

By the end of this workshop, you’ll possess a series of templates that you can use to fix up current projects or inspire your next big idea.

Skills and knowledge you’ll gain

By the end of this workshop, you’ll be able to:

  • Build technologies that are more effective at shaping users’ beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors
  • Save time and money by starting your next project with proven design patterns and templates
  • Know which psychological principles work best together, and which ones may accidentally backfire
  • Understand how to structure your marketing campaigns to achieve long-term incremental influence
  • Avoid hype and make realistic decisions about popular Psychological Architectures
  • Model multi-channel audience journeys for psychology-driven pages and marketing automation

Workshop modules

During the workshop, we will cover these modules:

  1. Combining psychological principles
  2. Building Psychological Architectures
  3. Exercise: landing page design
  4. Architectures: motivation and ability
  5. Architectures: solo and social selling
  6. Capturing user feedback, through sensors, research, APIs & more
  7. Psychological opportunities that depend on user feedback
  8. Architectures: goals, feedback, progress
  9. Reinforcing and shaping user behavior
  10. Architectures: audience journeys
  11. Exercise: audience journey mapping
  12. From abstract science to practical creativity

Evidence-based design, made easy and useful

This workshop is all about making science easy and practical. You’ll gain a new perspective on evidence-based design that is jargon free, intuitive, and extremely easy to apply.


Obtain exclusive resources

All participants receive a copy of our exclusive resources and learning materials, including:

  • The Digital Behavior Change Toolkit
  • Booklet with all the training slides
  • Interactive design templates and wireframes
  • Oversized printouts
  • Exercise workbook


Who this workshop is for

This workshop is for digital professionals who want guidance on science-based design and industry best practices. It’s ideally suited to:

  • Usability and UI/UX professionals
  • Graphic designers and interactive designers
  • Digital marketing and advertising specialists
  • Health promotion specialists
  • Conversion optimization & marketing researchers

Relevant sectors and organizations

The curriculum is relevant to persons working across a range of organizations, including:

  • Technology firms, Cloud services
  • Financial services, Retail businesses, Consulting Services
  • Digital agencies, Creative firms
  • Media, Gaming, Entertainment
  • Telecommunications, Infrastructure
  • Government, Health sector
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Small business, Freelancers, Students


This advanced workshop is only available to people who have completed one our foundational workshops on psychological principles.

Qualifying prerequisite courses include our 1- or 2-day workshops on Persuasive Psychology for Interactive Design, Psychology for Digital Behavior Change, or any of our workshops on health behavior change.

If you’ve completed any of our foundational workshops, email us to claim your access code at [email protected]


After completing all modules in this 1-day workshop, you will receive a certificate of completion.

We are launching our online testing in 2016, where those who pass this exam, will earn a certificate in Digital Behavior Change Architectures. All workshop attendees who have participated before 2016 will receive one complementary opportunity to write the exam. Learn more about your certification options.

Timing and logistics

The workshop runs from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm (but please arrive by 8:50 am as we start at 9:00 sharp). There is a 15-minute break in the morning, an hour for lunch, and another 15-minute break in the afternoon.

We’ll provide all the training materials, so you’ll only need to bring a pen, some paper and if you’d like to participate in our live poling, bring a smart phone or tablet.  We’ll provide wi-fi.

Brian Cugelman, PhD (your instructor)

Brian Cugelman, PhD

Have a question?

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Call: +1 (888) 977-2055
Email: brian (at) alterspark.com
Tweet: @cugelman
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/cugelman

Dr. Brian Cugelman has been working as a social and behavior change professional since 1997, with an extensive career in social mobilization, digital engagement, and program evaluation. Brian started his career by running social and digital behavior change campaigns with grassroots organizations, before he joined the United Nations where he spent another 7 years running online global campaigns.

Proceeding, he obtained a PhD in Online Social Marketing with the Statistical Cybermetrics Research Group, a world-leading Internet research team.

Around 2006, Brian started AlterSpark with a focus on helping the United Nations and global organization to study the impact of their online social transformation campaigns.

The United Nations General Assembly has recognized the impact of his digital campaigning work, and it was Dr. Cugelman’s pleasure to be invited to act as an expert advisor for the World Anti-Doping Agency, the Heart and Stroke Foundation, and the annual International Conference on Persuasive Technology.

He has published over 25 papers for the UN and leading scientific journals. Even the Pentagon invited Dr. Cugelman to present his research on persuasive design to the Cyber Influence Project.

Brian developed the AlterSpark curriculum during his doctorate, when he studied the application of behavioral science to web design and online marketing. His foundational workshop is based on classic behavioral science and persuasive technology while his workshop on neurochemistry fuses neuroscience with persuasive design.

See what Dr. Cugelman has to say about the workshop.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

We’re so confident you’ll love our workshop, that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee to anyone who attends and wishes to withdraw by 10:30 on the first day. This policy ensures that we deliver on our promise to provide the best content and training on digital psychology. To learn more, read our guarantee.

What they’re saying about Brian’s approach:

What seals the deal, is how these factors have been formed into a tool for analysis, and structured around iteration for increased understanding over time.
Robert Mackie, Senior Interaction Designer, Samsung Electronics
Persuasive design workshop was very engaging from beginning to the end. A lot of good examples and ‘recipes’. The toolkit is very useful when building wireframes. Can’t wait to start applying these theories to my next project!
Swidja Nikke, Communications Advisor, Government of Canada, Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario
Toronto is fortunate to have such a knowledgeable resource as Brian, and I highly recommend his one- or two-day sessions to digital media professionals who want to grow their subject matter expertise in the art and science of persuasive design.
Judah J. Gould, UX Specialist - Information Architect
Your workshop was great! I’ve already implemented a few techniques that you covered during your presentations and we’ve seen great results.
Sveta Fedarava, Graphic Designer, Intelex
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Guarantees, terms and conditions

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