Psychology for Digital Behavior Change
(2-day workshop)

Practical ▪ Scientific ▪ Easy

Over 2-days, you’ll learn to build online products that are more motivating, persuasive, and usable, by harnessing digital psychology.

This workshop is all based on science. However, the content is presented at a practical level, through clear visual examples and hands-on exercises, designed to reinforce your understanding and to help you develop new skills.

You’ll learn to use the Persuasive Design Toolkit and to recognize the psychological architectures behind popular motivational patterns, such as gamification, landing pages, feedback loops, habit formation, and others.

The workshop will inspire you with new ideas, give you a fresh perspective on digital motivation, and empower you to build influential technologies.

Skills and knowledge you’ll gain

By the end of this workshop, you’ll be able to:

  • Boost user acquisition, engagement, conversion, and retention
  • Save time and money by using scientific principles to speed up projects
  • Integrate psychology into websites, social media, ads, and mobile apps
  • Critically assess your existing technologies and make them more engaging
  • Reverse engineer your competitors’ success factors, then outflank them
  • Better justify your design choices, when speaking to colleagues or clients
  • Make better decisions when facing design or marketing uncertainty
  • Understand the factors that drive  motivational technologies

Workshop modules

During the workshop, we will cover these modules:

  1. Motivational psychology & digital media
  2. Setting realistic expectations for online influence
  3. Science of persuasive psychology & optimization (made easy)
  4. Auditing psychological architectures
  5. The Persuasive Design Toolkit
  6. Building emotional relations with digital media, technology & brands
  7. Source credibility & trust
  8. Core elements of a motivating message
  9. Audience factors that make or break influence
  10. How different media control persuasive design options
  11. Boosting impacts with style: simplicity, structure, framing, design & more
  12. Capturing user feedback, through sensors, research, APIs & more
  13. Psychological opportunities that depend on user feedback
  14. Social psychology & environmental factors
  15. Networks, influencers & viral diffusion
  16. Exercise: Identifying psychological ingredients
  17. Psychological architectures: gamification, landing pages, selling & more
  18. Prototyping tools for campaigns & desktop/mobile engagement
  19. Exercise: Building desktop/mobile applications that convert
  20. Optimization psychology & iterative improvement

Hard science made easy and practical

Although this is a science-based workshop, we’ve tailored the content to the needs of working professionals who need to know what works. In this workshop, Brian has removed the hard science, and presents the content at a conceptual level, with case studies, examples, and practical exercises.

Obtain exclusive resources

All participants receive copy of our exclusive evidence-based design resources and learning materials, including:

  • The Persuasive Design Toolkit
  • All slides used in the training
  • Oversized printouts for exercises
  • Exercise workbook
training square 1
training square 2

Who this workshop is for

This workshop is for digital professionals who want guidance on science-based design and industry best practices. It’s ideally suited to:

  • Usability and UI/UX professionals
  • Graphic designers and interactive designers
  • Digital marketing and advertising specialists
  • Product managers and digital project managers
  • Health promotion specialists
  • Conversion optimization & marketing researchers


This is an intermediate level workshop. Participants must possess an understanding of interactive media and should have experience in either interactive design, user interface design, online communications, digital marketing or advertising.

Relevant sectors and organizations

The curriculum is relevant to persons working across a range of sectors and organizations, including:

  • Technology firms and cloud services
  • Digital marketing agencies
  • Large corporations and smaller businesses
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Health promotion agencies
  • Government

Certificates and certification

After completing all modules, covering 15 hours of instruction over two days, you will receive a certificate of completion. We are also offering an online exam, available in June 2015 that you can complete, with successful candidates receiving a Certificate of Mastery in Digital Behavior Change Principles. All 2015 workshop attendees will receive one complementary opportunity to write the exam.  Learn more about your certification options.

Brian Cugelman, PhD (your instructor)

Brian Cugelman, PhD

Have a question?

Check out our FAQ or give me a shout. I’m happy to help out.

Call: +1 (416) 921-2055
Email: brian (at)
Tweet: @cugelman

Let me tell you a bit about myself and the roots of this workshop, to help you better judge if it’s right for you, or someone you know.

The science behind this workshop started during my Doctorate, when I developed most comprehensive and simple persuasive psychology system, and integrated it into a communication model that makes it easy to build persuasive websites, mobile apps, and online marketing campaigns.

However, I went a step further in my Doctorate, and used a statistical technique called meta-analysis to reverse-engineer the psychological components used in online technologies that have been scientifically proven to influence how people think and behave. After graduating, I published my findings in the world’s top scientific journal in my field, JMIR.

Around this time, I received quite a lot of interest in my research, which included numerous invitations to lecture at Universities, educate companies, and even the Pentagon asked me to run a special educational session for them.

In response, I started adapting my Persuasive Communication Model into the most comprehensive and simple workshop on the science of online behavior change. My goal was simple: to translate complex scientific knowledge into useful guidelines. Having trained hundreds of organizations over several years, I’ve developed many innovative teaching methods that help participants gain the most skill, in the least time.

If you have any questions about the workshop, or you’re interested in corporate training, get in touch. I look forward to speaking.

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“Great workshop! … We will start implementing some of the ideas in our projects.”

Alex Aranda
Senior User Experience Designer
Samsung Electronics

Over 250 organizations have taken Brian’s workshop, including:

What they’re saying about Brian’s approach:

What seals the deal, is how these factors have been formed into a tool for analysis, and structured around iteration for increased understanding over time.
Robert Mackie, Senior Interaction Designer, Samsung Electronics
Persuasive design workshop was very engaging from beginning to the end. A lot of good examples and ‘recipes’. The toolkit is very useful when building wireframes. Can’t wait to start applying these theories to my next project!
Swidja Nikke, Communications Advisor, Government of Canada, Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario
Toronto is fortunate to have such a knowledgeable resource as Brian, and I highly recommend his one- or two-day sessions to digital media professionals who want to grow their subject matter expertise in the art and science of persuasive design.
Judah J. Gould, UX Specialist - Information Architect
Your workshop was great! I’ve already implemented a few techniques that you covered during your presentations and we’ve seen great results.
Sveta Fedarava, Graphic Designer, Intelex
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Licence to use exclusive design resources: All participants will receive exclusive persuasive design resources, including the Persuasive Design Toolkit, which are not available to the public. Each paying participant may use these resources to support commercial or non-commercial projects. All of these tools and resources are copy written and licensed for sharing with up to 4 persons within each participant’s organization. However, usage is subject to these restrictions. The workshop content and tools may not be reworked, repackaged, rebranded, distributed, or used to build derivative educational products or design resources. Any project or work that makes use of these resources must give credit to the source.

Copyright: All workshop materials are copy written by Brian Cugelman, PhD and AlterSpark Corp. Participants agree not to rework, repackage, rebrand, distribute, or use the lectures or content to build derivative educational products or design resources. Participants agree not to use audio or video equipment to record the workshop. However, photos are welcome, and the workshop may be photographed, with images shared in digital media. Any participant who does not want to be included in any photos, should notify AlterSpark by emailing info(at); however, AlterSpark is not responsible for the use of images by third parties.