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Master Digital Psychology

Fast-track your skills in applying psychology to websites, apps, ads and campaigns.

Our two courses will give you a comprehensive understanding of digital psychology and show you a step-by-step process you can use in your next project.

Build your skills over two courses

Our educational system contains two courses that cover distinct approaches
to building psychology-inspired websites, apps and campaigns.

Take either course.
Or take both back-to-back
for a comprehensive learning experience.

Psychology for Digital Behavior Change

Psychology for Digital Behavior Change [DBC]

This course covers the key approaches to digital behavior change, with over 50+ psychological principles, psychological design patterns and UI. You’ll learn a behavioral design process and build experience applying psychological design strategies to standard industry tools.

You have the option of bringing a challenge to class and leaving with psychology-inspired prototypes.

Emotional Design Psychology & Neuroscience

Emotional Design Psychology & Neuroscience [EDP]

This class will deepen your understanding of user perception, cognition, emotion and behavior. You’ll take a deep dive into human emotions and learn how to build emotion-targeted digital strategy for various page types, processes and marketing goals.

You’ll deepen your hands-on skills with many rounds of emotionally targeted wireframing and mini-design sprints.

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Here’s what you’ll get

reference manuals
handy desk references
step-by-step behavioral design templates
behavioral science software

How we teach

We teach behavioral science in a format that is easy and practical.

Although there is a lot of educational content to cover, we’ll keep your energy up by mixing formal lessons with experiential learning and hands-on exercises.

You’ll enjoy a blend of mini-modules mixed with group activities, live polling, scenario-based learning games, design challenges, and lots of teardowns.

Team training

Big teams

If you have 10–25 colleagues and prefer tailored training, see our in-house training options. We also provide behavioral design sprints or hybrid education sprints.

Small teams

Small teams of 3–5 can take an organizational project to the class, and we’ll coach them through the behavioral design process. They’ll leave with prototypes for your business. Plus, you’ll save 15% with our group promo code.

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Psychology for Digital Behavior Change [DBC]
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Emotional Design Psychology & Neuroscience [EDP]
20 Oct - 2 Nov 2019
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7-8 Nov 2019
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28-29 Nov 2019
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5-6 Dec 2019
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What students are saying

Brian’s workshop was great! Very informative and I look forward to any other workshops that will be coming up.

Nicola WIlliams

User Experience Designer, Expedia

Excellent content. Applicable everywhere. Thank you.

Adam Dobrer

Business Experience Design Manager, Deloitte

Great workshop! … We will start implementing some of the ideas in our projects.

Alex Aranda

Senior User Experience Designer, Samsung Electronics

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