Behavioral Design Resources

Color Psychology Guide

Get our 40 page book, UX design tools and more.

UI Color Psychology Map

Create a functional color pallet for your next website or app with our UI Color Psychology Map. Build color schemes that not only look nice, but help you control user attention and tastefully deploy psychological design strategies while keeping your technology accessible.

Psychology And Emotional Design Cards

Use our cards to develop your skills in applied behavioral psychology, inspire your next interactive design project, or rethink your upcoming digital marketing campaigns.

The Audience-Influence Model

Learn the essentials of digital psychology in an intuitive and visual mini-publication complete with templates, worksheets, and research questions you can implement immediately.

Digital Psychology Wireframe Kit

Enjoy a free copy of our Digital Psychology Wireframe Kit designed to help you develop skills in applying behavioral science strategies to a wide range of interactive media.

Try Persona SPARK

We’re looking for feedback on Persona SPARK, our psychology-driven persona design tool. Public beta tests get access to our persona builder, while students get access for our behavioral insights engine. We’d love to hear what you think.

Psychological Backfiring

Learn how psychology can damage your websites, apps, and digital marketing. Then learn how to prevent psychological design blunders before they happen.  

Using Attachment Anxiety in Emotional Design & Marketing

Learn how companies use negative emotions–like stress, anxiety, and even pain–to stop users from break relationships.

BER Analysis Method

In this paper, we provide an overview of the BER framework, which you can use when evaluating the complex social change campaigns.