Using Amazon's MTurk to harvest 50 million Facebook profiles, and manipulate people

You may have heard the story that 50+ million Facebook user accounts were harvested by CA (CA). Or maybe you heard it was Global Science Research (GSR); or was it Dr. Alexander Kogan, or that Nix guy?

Still, you may have heard it was an inside job, facilitated by Facebook staff, or a data breach from lax security. Or was it was carried out with Peter Thiel's data-mining company Plantir, or the daughter of Eric Schmidt, Google's former CEO and Burning Man buddy.

What few people were discussing, was Amazon's role in facilitating the data access. Specifically, their microtask site called Mechanical Turk.

Few people know about the online community that chronicles what happened, which anyone can access. It tells a story from the perspective of Amazon's microtask workers, who granted access to their Facebook accounts.

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