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MIT Inspired our Digital Psychology Lab in Kensington Market

A few years back, Dr. Stibe ( invited me to present my research on emotions to the MIT Media Lab, while we also kicked off our study on persuasive backfiring ( But what I didn’t expect, was to be sooooo seduced by the Lab itself. MIT is the ultimate playground for geeks. The Media Lab is the only school I know, where you join a culture overflowing with books, technology, and junk food, all within an environment where classes are optional, the number of brilliant people is shocking, and the only thing that matters, is that you build something groundbreaking.

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Conversion Conference Workshop on Psychological Architectures

Announcements Psychology We’re thrilled to announce that our Senior Scientist and Director, Brian Cugelman, PhD is facilitating a workshop called “Psychological Architectures for Conversion Rate Optimization”, at this year’s Conversion Conference.

“Many people don’t realized that evidence-based design is such a simple thing, and that there is no contradiction in fusing behavioural science with unbridled creativity”, said Brian Cugelman. “At my Conversion Conference workshop, I’ll show participants how evidence-based design, creativity, and conversion rate optimization all fit together into a simple and effective framework.”

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