What I learned in 2017, teaching digital psychology

Last year was a big year for AlterSpark, when we achieved the highest levels of student satisfaction, while rolling out more content and teaching innovations than in any prior year.

What I learned in 2017, teaching digital psychology Psychology

Whether you’re a teacher or potential student, in this blog, I’ll share my teaching philosophy, give you a peek into my class, and talk about my best teaching innovations from last year. 

Keep in mind. These are not the top-X things you need to know, for guaranteed success. Rather, these are some of my guiding principles along with the biggest insights learned last year.


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Gamification: What it is and when to use it

Gamification Badge from FoursquarePeople are complex, smart, and sometimes extremely stubborn, which may explain why in the last two thousand years, nobody has discovered an easy way to shape how people think and behave. Yet in the digital era, we're witnessing widespread claims, that the secret to winning friends and influencing people, is to reward them with points and badges.

A magic solution to engagement or a load of hype—in this article, I’m going to discuss gamification, describe it, judge it, address misconceptions, and advocate when it’s a good or bad idea.

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