How to Win Friends and Influence People in Social Media (e-book)

Dale's classic book on interpersonal communication provides concrete advice on how to handle people—how to encourage them to like you, to win them over to your way of thinking, and how to become an inspiring leader. Although the world has drastically changed since Dale Carnegie originally published How to Win Friends and influence people, 75 years ago, there are at least three reasons why his classic book is just as relevant to online communication and persuasive social media engagement. dale-tweet

Social Psychology of Social Media – Presentation from PodCamp 2012

This interactive workshop introduces participants to several key theories from social psychology and sociology in order to demonstrate how science can be used to design engaging social media applications and campaigns.The content is presented in a simple format that makes key linkages between our daily social lives and the social world in social media. During the workshop, participants have a chance to learn a number of theories, see examples of how they play out online, and then join a group analysis on the social psychology employed by a number of social media sites and mobile apps.

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Help us build Toronto’s first Social Media Cafe

Toronto's Social Media Cafe is an informal networking event for people who share an interest in social media. It's a casual forum for you to meet new people, share experiences, and drink lots of coffee. If you enjoy meeting likeminded people who use social media--professionally, personally, artistically, or for any purpose--then this event is for you.

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