Color Psychology & Behavioral Design


Join Dr. Cugelman for a series on using color psychology in websites, apps, & tech

Dr. Cugelman is running a series of webinars on color psychology and behavioral design while finalizing his upcoming book on the psychology of color.

Each webinar will explore a different aspect of color and behavioral design, and include a combination of presentations and open discussion.

Space is limited since these are Zoom meetings, not informal webinars. You’re invited to keep your camera on, ask questions, and treat this webinar like an open platform.

All sessions run 13:00-14:00 EST with an open discussion after and no fixed end time.

We’re not planning to post the recordings, but we may change our minds on this.

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WEBINAR 1: The science of light and vision

1 June 2021 @ 13:00-14:00 EST

This session will help you understand the fundamental concepts of light, color, and vision by going over the key discoveries in the science of color.

This is both for designers or those with no scientific background with a focus on interactive design. The point of this is to cover some heavy scientific concepts in plain language with visual examples.

We’ll cover Sir. Isaac Newton’s discovery of the color wheel, learn about splitting light, and spend some time understanding where rainbows come from. Then it’s Einstein’s turn to teach us the electromagnetic spectrum to help us truly understand what color is.

We’ll end this session by going over the eye, visual perception, and our conscious experience of color.

WEBINAR 2: The UI Color Psychology Map

8 June 2021 @ 13:00-14:00 EST

In this session Dr. Cugelman will introduce you to the UI Color Psychology Map. It’s a design tool that he developed to help designers build color palettes that satisfy competing needs from branding, visual hierarchy, emotional design, cognitive associations, and more.

As an introductory session, Dr. Cugelman will give you the basic background, discuss how it works, and go over the basics. You can join more advanced sessions later if you’d like to get into specific applications.

WEBINAR 3: Criminally negligent UXD

15 June 2021 @ 13:00-14:00 EST

Could your company be held criminally negligent for using the wrong button color?

Recently, Dr. Cugelman was the victim of what he and his lawyers believe was criminal negligence in UXD.

We know there are cases when the wrong button color can be used to trick users into buying products they didn’t want, or to push users into a harmful situation.

This session will explore whether there is such a thing as criminally negligent UXD and interactive design. It will include a formal presentation by Dr. Cugeman, followed by an open discussion.
We’ll explore when nudging is unethical or fair, what’s your duty as a designer to protect users, and discuss how to use standard design conventions to stop these problems before they happen.

There are some serious problems in our industry that we must confront. This session will look at some of the ugly realities, and together we can explore options for turning things around.

Dr. Cugelman is now working with Dr. Stibe on developing a proposal for how we can develop industry guidelines and legal instruments to prevent and identify cases of criminal design.

WEBINAR 4: Circadian UX and web design

22 June 2021 @ 13:00-14:00 EST

If you thought the only light detecting nerves in our eyes are cones and rods, then think again. Recently, neuroscientists discovered a new light detecting neuron that controls our circadian clock.

What’s interesting and dangerous is that you can literally reset a users’ circadian clock by exposing them to blue light at the right intensity. What’s alarming is now our design work can potentially help a person live a healthier life or contribute to a large number of horrible diseases all linked to sleep disturbances.

This session will look at how color impacts alertness levels and users’ circadian clocks. It will then cover design strategies to build more engaging tech that is also non-disruptive and adaptable to a person’s optimal circadian time.

We will also explore the question of what designers can do to prevent harm and promote healthy design.

WEBINAR 5: UI Color Psychology Map & Visual Hierarchy

29 June 2021 @ 13:00-14:00 EST

This session will focus on visual hierarchy, which is what you need to build color palettes that are intuitive. These allow you to control what people notice. We’ll also cover the psychology of salience so that you learn how to create color palettes that command user attention, make technologies more intuitive, and look great too.

WEBINAR 6: UI Color Psychology Map and Cognitive/Emotional Design

6 July 2021 @ 13:00-14:00 EST

In part 2, we’ll cover a few new lessons in color theory before returning back to the UI Color Psychology Map.

Building on the prior lesson, we’ll cover the neuroscience of cognition and emotional motivators and go through examples of color-emotion design patterns. These illustrate how to integrate emotionally-targeted color palettes into a larger color system that is congruent, motivating, and helps achieve results.

Meet your presenter

Brian Cugelman, PhD

Brian Cugelman, PhD

Dr. Cugelman specializes in mixing psychology, data science and interactive technology. Thousands of students have completed his training on how to use psychology to build websites, apps and digital campaigns. His students come from Samsung, Microsoft, Apple, Google, Facebook, Salesforce, and more. Dr. Cugelman has authored over 25 scientific and industry publications. Plus he’s a proud sound engineer at Burning Man.

Logistics and netiquette

Register separately for each webinar

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Our webinars include an official 1 hour presentation, with flexible open time for discussions after.

Once we start the open discussion, there’s no fixed end time. It depends on people’s interest and passion.

Keep your camera & mic on

To bring real interaction, this is a meeting not a webinar. We encourage you to keep your camera and mic turned on.

If there’s a problem with noise, we might have to mute everyone to find the source. If you’re muted, and have a question/comment, unmute yourself and speak out.

We’d rather have some chaos with real people having a real discussion, than a dull one-way lecture.

After the official one hour session, Dr. Cugelman will host an open discussion where we can get into the details.