Educational Series on Color Psychology


Join Dr. Cugelman for a series on using color psychology in websites, apps, & tech

Dr. Brian Cugelman is running a follow-up series of webinars on color psychology and behavioral design while finalizing his upcoming book on the psychology of color.

Each webinar will explore a different aspect of color and behavioral design, along with a combination of presentations and open discussions.

Space is limited since these are Zoom meetings, not informal webinars. You’re invited to keep your camera on, ask questions, and treat this webinar like an open platform.

Each session lasts 1 hour, but Brian normally sticks around after for an open discussion related to the webinar.

As follow-up webinars, we’re building on the lessons covered in prior sessions, but newcomers will have no problem following along.


WEBINAR 7: Color, Neuro-aesthetics and Emotion Design

20 July 2021 @ 13:00-14:00 EST

In this session, we’ll go over the neuroscience of aesthetics and look at how visually pleasing and unpleasant design triggers our users’ reward systems.

Dr. Cugelman will go over his emotion model, discussing the broad emotions that we use in digital strategy and several distinct emotions you may want to target with your particular creative.

This session will focus a bit more on the neurobiology of aesthetic emotions and discuss how we link it to reinforcement learning and emotional design strategies. In the following webinar, we’ll get into specific design strategies.

WEBINAR 8: Color Strategies for Emotional Design

27 July 2021 @ 13:00-14:00 EST

In this webinar, Dr. Cugelman will cover a range of emotional design strategies that use color to target specific user behaviors.

We’ll examine the use of color in optimistic and pessimistic messaging, as well as those that motivate people to avoid threats and hold onto a good thing.

This session will link the neurobiology and emotion models to specific design strategies.

WEBINAR 9: Design For Consciousness: Color Strategies for Habitual and Deliberate User Behavior

3 August 2021 @ 13:00-14:00 EST

All Steve Krug fans know that we shouldn’t make our users think. But there are times when we need to, such as when the user is facing a potential threat or needs to make a fully informed decision.

In this session, we’ll look at how we use color in navigational systems to foster habitual behavior where users fly through systems. We’ll also examine how to slow them down and force them to engage with content.

Manipulative designers exploit these trends to trick users into buying products they never wanted while rookies accidentally mess up these principles and cause user confusion.

In this session, we’ll go over design patterns for habitual and fully conscious processing in technology.

WEBINAR 10: Color and Branding Psychology

10 August 2021 @ 13:00-14:00 EST

In this session, we’ll go over the unique psychology of how people interact with technology and brands as if they were human. I’ll cover source credibility, trust, and human-brand relations.

We’ll then get into color strategies for developing brands that stand out, convey credibility, and strike the right emotional tone.

With a focus on digital media, we’ll approach this from an adaptive branding system perspective. Modern branding is not just trans-media, they need to fit all sorts of challenging digital media applications.

WEBINAR 11: Crazy Color Psychology Studies You Won’t Believe

17 August 2021 @ 13:00-14:00 EST

Perhaps the greatest challenge in teaching color psychology is finding credible science that can inspire visual design strategies.

Credibility is the issue, because many of the scientific papers on color psychology appear too good to be true. For sure some are too good to be true, but there are also some interesting finds.

  • For instance, are the associations with red and fear so strong that mammals experience it?
  • Do we humans signal sexual fitness through our skin pigment like birds?
  • Does the blue color cause people to perceive food as unpleasant?
  • Do blue placebos work better than red ones?

There are scientific studies behind all of these questions and more. However, Dr. Cugelman tends to be skeptical of these studies.

We’ll cover several of these unusual findings with a word of caution. Even if we don’t fully believe the science here, the insights are interesting and may inspire your next color research.

WEBINAR 12: Behavioral Design Color System and Applications

24 August 2021 @ 13:00-14:00 EST

Rather than building behavioral-based communications, why not build an entire template and color system, so that every form of communication has behavioral science baked into it.

In this session, Dr. Cugelman will provide an overview of his behavioral design color system and how you can use it to build psychology-inspired color technologies.

The first part will cover its background and design philosophy, which is about developing a color system that blends UX and behavioral science concepts.

The second part will focus on the types of applications in building templates for websites, apps, and other types of tech.

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Brian Cugelman, PhD

Brian Cugelman, PhD

Dr. Cugelman specializes in mixing psychology, data science and interactive technology. Thousands of students have completed his training on how to use psychology to build websites, apps and digital campaigns. His students come from Samsung, Microsoft, Apple, Google, Facebook, Salesforce, and more. Dr. Cugelman has authored over 25 scientific and industry publications. Plus he’s a proud sound engineer at Burning Man.


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We’d rather have some chaos with real people having a real discussion, than a dull one-way lecture.

After the official one-hour session, Dr. Cugelman will host an open discussion where we can get into the details.