A few years back, Dr. Stibe (http://cp.media.mit.edu/agnis-stibe/) invited me to present my research on emotions to the MIT Media Lab, while we also kicked off our study on persuasive backfiring (http://dspace.mit.edu/handle/1721.1/108479).

But what I didn’t expect, was to be sooooo seduced by the Lab itself. MIT is the ultimate playground for geeks.

The Media Lab is the only school I know, where you join a culture overflowing with books, technology, and junk food, all within an environment where classes are optional, the number of brilliant people is shocking, and the only thing that matters, is that you build something groundbreaking.

Many academics live by the motto “Publish or perish”, but in the MIT Media Lab, their motto is “Demo or die”.

Inspired by my guest lecture, this summer, I’ve converted our Kensington Market office into a Digital Psychology Lab, and I’m going to spend the summer mentoring several co-op students who are participating in an intense summer of hands-on learning, and project-based professional development.

I’m so impressed by the number and quality of students who have joined me. Though we will be adaptive in our approach, our planned projects include:

  • Auditing the psychological design patterns used by high-impact marketing automation engagement funnels
  • Identifying the emotional transitions that drive the plot narratives of viral videos and high-impact video content
  • Simplifying our scientific-grade neurochemical based personality tools, into models for organizational development
  • Studying the links between personality, relationships, communication style, motivation, and fit with various organizational cultures
  • Running a data-science driven speed dating event, where our predictive models will remove 66% of unnecessary discussions, so participants can find compatible partners faster
  • Advancing our personaltiytestzone.com product, into large-platform for social surveys
  • Predicting website users’ emotional state, based on how they interact with web pages
  • Advancing our emotion detection algorithms and carrying out further validation studies
  • Advancing our personality detection algorithms and neuro-lexical parsing dictionary
  • We’re also placing my training system online in video, and publishing a suite of educational resources on digital psychology

This should be a fun summer of psychology, data science, technology and creativity, all happening in the chaos of Kensington Market.

I’m going to report back on our experience.