Lifecycle Project Management Approach

Successful projects and campaigns result from quality stakeholder engagement, research, insight, careful planning, implementation, and constant adjustments based on feedback. We approach all projects from a project lifecycle perspective, with most projects following a series of interdependent stages. Typically, these stages include understanding, planning, designing, implementing, and concluding.

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Conversion Conference Workshop on Psychological Architectures

We’re thrilled to announce that our Senior Scientist and Director, Brian Cugelman, PhD is facilitating a workshop called “Psychological Architectures for Conversion Rate Optimization”, at this year’s Conversion Conference.

“Many people don’t realized that evidence-based design is such a simple thing, and that there is no contradiction in fusing behavioural science with unbridled creativity”, said Brian Cugelman. “At my Conversion Conference workshop, I’ll show participants how evidence-based design, creativity, and conversion rate optimization all fit together into a simple and effective framework.”

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Why your user experience must foster trust

When it comes to real estate, they say the thing that matters most is location, location, location. Similarly, when it comes to online influence, your user experience must foster trust, trust, trust. Winning online trust will take you down the road to success. Losing online trust can completely undermine everything you do.

In my last post, we discussed some of the clues that your digital platform or campaign may suffer from a credibility deficit. In this post, I’m going to discuss the fall-out from low credibility—which is low trust, or worse mistrust.


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