Does your website, app or campaign have a credibility deficit? (Part 1)


Anyone who has works in a highly competitive market soon realizes that success depends on constantly learning what works, in an environment with rapidly changing technology, social trends, media consumption habits, and competitors who are constantly striving to outflank each other.

This constant struggle to stay ahead of the competition keeps many companies fixated on finding the next set of digital marketing principles that will give them a competitive edge. When it comes to finding good ideas, the web is full of advice on how to build digital products and campaigns that achieve extraordinary levels of engagement, conversion and retention.

Website Design and Credibility

We have all heard that substance is more important than presentation; and by extension, it could be argued that website content is likely to be judged on the basis of what it expresses, not how ideas are visually dressed up. Although substance is important, it is surprising how much additional influence superficial trappings contribute to users' perceptions of web content.

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