We relaunched our entire certification program and have reissued all student certificates.

Here’s what’s new:

New policy for online credentials

We’ve updated our policy on issuing certifications so that we can now issue the same certifications online that we issue for classroom training. However, there are some important distinctions.

To verify completion in the classroom, we physically take attendance. However, online we use a blend of metrics.

There’s one complexity here. We used 3 learning platforms over the last two years and developed a set of rules for issuing certificates based on the date students enrolled, combined with the date that we migrated platforms.

We issued online certificates of participation with evidence of 50-79% content completion at the time of migration. We issue certificates of completion based on course completion records of at least 80% completion at the time of migration.

Students below 50% at the time of migration were not issued certificates. However, we have records of all student progress and we will count this towards your current progress. Contact us if you completed the course later and want us to count your earlier progress.

Tracking progress in our LIVE ABD tutorials is more complex, so we use a bundle of metrics. We issue ABD certificates of participation when there is a combination of learning platform engagement metrics, Zoom registration records, a submitted project description, project folder, design templates, PersonaSPARK profile, course interaction with Brian, and other evidence of enrollment.

In cases where our records show that students met 90% of the criteria, we issue a certificate of completion for ABD.

Updated certificate names

In the last two years, we changed our training system and updated our certificates to match the latest edition of our system. If you took a previous edition of our course, we updated your certificate name.

We merged numerous classes. DBC1, DBC2, the crash course edition, and our health behavior change editions are now a single course called DBC. Given that DBC encompasses each variation, we have reissued all prior credentials to match the updated single DBC designation.

We also launched a new course called Applied Behavioral Design (ABD), which focuses on the behavioral design process and the practicalities of real-world digital psychology.

ABD evolved out of our LIVE tutorials over the course of a few years. For this reason, we counted our Spring tutorial term (Apr-Jun 2020) as the official start of ABD. Certificates were issued to all students who joined our live tutorials from April 2020 onward, and also met our certificate qualification criteria.

We’re rebranded the Behavioral Design Academy

We’ve formalized our school’s name, separating it from AlterSpark. All educational and certification services are now issued under the name Behavioral Design Academy while our publications, technology and content will stay under AlterSpark.

New certification test platform

We launched a new testing platform that provides a superior experience with detailed feedback on how you did in each subject. Since its launch, I’ve seen a massive impact on student performance with students improving test retakes by around 10%.

New credential platform

We’ve launched a new certification platform that lists your credentials by last name with a unique Credential ID for each award that you achieved with our school.

You can share these on your resume, instantly add them to LinkedIn, and keep them as a permanent place to highlight your achievement.

If you do not want to display your credentials, complete the form below and tell us how you want your credentials presented.

Claiming certificate test access

If you are a classroom student wishing to take the test, complete this form to claim your free test code:

Fixing any mistake

If you detect any errors in your credentials, or wish us to update the display preferences, please complete this form:

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