Case studies

Prosper Canada
Behavior change screener to nudge newcomers to adopt healthy financial practices

Telus – Rotman Executive Briefing
Layout, graphic design, and data visualization

Executive Search Alliance
Gave a small company a big brand, with a massive credibility lift

Canadian Organic Growers
Promotional materials for a national association

Interactive design, centralizing themes across a global activist network into a common set of unifying visuals

Century 21, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica
Helped a small Century 21 office reach 3rd place across Latin America

MaRS Discovery District
Developed an evaluation framework for the MaRS center for impact investing

Ozery Bakery
Helped a North American brand develop social media self sufficency

Mashup Arts
Interface design for a web app

The Death of Alice Blue
Web and print design for a local producer

Business process modelling, CRM integration, and website transofrmation