Reengineering back-office processes with CRM while transforming their website into a social media hub

LEAFLEAF is a non-profit organization that promotes urban forestry in and around Toronto, through the sale of native tree species, education, and community engagement programs.

Over the years, staff had developed numerous databases that lacked integration. At the same time, their website had grown organically, not taking full advantage of opportunities to automate interactions between staff and stakeholders.

We helped LEAF assess their clients, as well as their back-office processes, databases, technology infrastructure, and websites. Then, we boiled down their business to a small set of core services. Afterwards, we redesigned their website (graphic design, page layout, social media integration, and taxonomy) to make it user friendly and ready for integration with their upcoming Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that we helped them select.

Some of our support included:

  • Mapping and remodelling their business processes
  • Identifying their CRM needs and assessing possible products
  • Running a web survey to assess CRM use in the non-profit sector
  • Making their website user friendly and aligning it with their core business processes and upcoming CRM
  • Boosting their social media integration

Web Design & Development, Drupal