What some of our clients had to say:


Century 21

“Brian Cugelman developed all aspects of my websites and Internet work which resulted, to a great part, in us being number one in real estate sales in Costa Rica and number three in Latin America, the very first year he worked for us. He laid out a very professional game plan and followed it, all within budget until we reached our goal. I would not hesitate to recommend Brian to any of my clients worldwide for his expertise.”

Gene Maxey
Century 21 Latin America


Oxfam GB

“Oxfam set out to ‘raise the bar’ in the complex field of advocacy evaluation through commissioning a comprehensive, evidence-based, independent assessment of its climate change campaign. We were fortunate to find an evaluation team capable of providing this, and we welcome their rigorous ‘mixed methods’ approach and the impressive scale of the data gathering”

Senior management
Oxfam GB

Oxfam GB’s management response (including our partners Leitmotiv)


“They held responsibility for the project throughout, and managed it effectively – we never had to lead them through the process or direct them in any way – and were consistently impressed with their professionalism, their methodological rigour and their analytic skills/ understanding of the critical evaluative issues. … In addition to their professional competence, we found it a real pleasure working with Dr. Cugelman and Ms Otero – they were friendly, open and very easy to work with.”

Claire Hutchings
Global Advisor MEL (Campaigns)
Programme Performance and Accountability Team
Oxfam GB

Oxfam GB letter (including our partners Leitmotiv)


United Nations Millennium Campaign (UNDP)

“This is not just another evaluation report, it’s a must read. You can zoom in on the Executive Summary or the annex listing the bibliography or indeed any other part of the multiple documents; they are all equally pulsating. As you will find in the evaluation, this is relatively uncharted territory and we need you to read the documents and give us your ideas, advice and provocation.”

Salil Shetty
Director of the United Nations Millennium Campaign
(now Secretary General of Amnesty International)

Management response (including our partners Leitmotiv and SCRG)

Local Enhancement and Appreciation of Forests (LEAF)

“AlterSpark Consulting helped us simplify our business processes and transform our website into an engaging community portal….The lead consultant, Dr. Cugelman, helped us better define our clients and stakeholders, map staff relationships with our constituents, and understand how all these complex interactions were occurring through a large number of information systems….

[They] were able to boil down our organization’s work into a simple set of core business processes.

Then AlterSpark redesigned and reorganized our website around these core business processes. They made our website much more user focused, and turned it into a community hub, where our stakeholders can go to get things done. AlterSpark pushed our social media integration to a new level, improving our community engagement and interactivity.

During the process, Dr. Cugelman and his colleagues were enjoyable to work with, knowledgeable, reliable, and often came up with innovative solutions as our situation changed during the course of the project. I highly recommend AlterSpark’s talented consultants.”

Janet McKay
Executive Director

LEAF letter


Green Infrastructure Ontario Coalition

“The Green Infrastructure Ontario Coalition hired AlterSpark to create a logo and website reflecting our core values and vision. AlterSpark staff met with us to explore ideas, present options and guide us through the process. They were always helpful, patient and efficient. Our budget was limited and our time line was short, but AlterSpark worked with these limitations to deliver a product to be proud of. Thank-you!”

Colleen Cirillo, MES
Green Infrastructure Ontario Coalition


Executive Search Alliance

“We retained AlterSpark Consulting to undertake a corporate rebranding exercise which included the development of a new logo, design guidelines, website, and other stationary such as letterheads and business cards. All the resulting components have achieved what we were hoping, which was to deliver our message in a straight-forward way, but with added sophistication. Specifically, we have received numerous compliments on our new website.

We found Rena, who was our primary contact to be very accommodating as we debated things internally. She really listened and heard what we were trying our best to articulate – however inarticulately! She was never too busy to discuss an idea or suggestion, and was almost telepathic in her ability to understand what we were trying to accomplish and deliver something that was beyond our expectations. Rena made wonderful suggestions and we are simply thrilled with the outcome.

We would have no hesitation in recommending AlterSpark very highly. Both Rena and Brian are responsive and patient. They listen well, and delivered a high quality product.”

Alyson Soko and Sharon Mah-Gin, C.A.
Executive Search Alliance


Canadian Evaluation Society’s annual conference

At the Canadian Evaluation Society’s annual conference in 2010, Dr. Cugelman facilitated a four-hour workshop on Internet research methods for impact evaluations, drawing heavily on AlterSpark evaluations for the United Nations and Oxfam GB. Participants were invited to rate each workshop, and hand their evaluations to the  conference organizers. The Canadian Evaluation Society’s independent evaluation showed that 83% of participants ranked AlterSpark’s workshop with the highest possible satisfaction rating.

Canadian Evaluation Society’s 2010 annual conference
Optimizing the Practice of Evaluation


Evaluation Specialist

“I needed to quantify the market size to be able to justify interest for a book topic I was developing. The publishers required a concrete estimate of the numbers of people that would be interested in purchasing the book.

Alterspark was able to use internet research to help me identify the number of potential buyers. More important, they were able to demonstrate what segments of the population were potentially searching for related terms which provided more detail about how to market the book. Seasonal trends and the time series analysis conducted will help me effectively market my product. The principal consultant, Brian Cugelman provided quality expertise in a timely manner. He was also able to provide innovative ideas that were used to solve challenging problems.”

Donna Smith-Moncrieffe
Evaluation Specialist



“Your presentation ‘Psychology of websites and social media campaigns’ is currently being featured on the SlideShare homepage as one of the ‘Top Presentation Of The Day’. It is one of the very few presentation that has been selected to be featured, amongst the thousands of presentation uploaded to SlideShare daily.”
SlideShare Team