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There is a growing trend in industry on adopting behavioral psychology to improve the efficiency and impact of their work. Personalized marketing, engaging technologies, and improved customer experience are just a few of many areas where behavioral psychology will give you an edge.

Since 2006, we’ve been helping our clients integrate behavioral insights into their daily work with a focus on data-driven marketing and communications through websites, apps and online ad platforms.

Not only do we provide consulting services, we also provide educational services and develop customized packages to get your team up and running in applied behavioral psychology, fast.

See our consulting services below. Reach out, if you’d like to discuss how we can help. 

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Psychology-driven creative design

Improve the creative on your websites, apps and digital campaigns through psychology-inspired interactive design.

Our toolkit of psychological design strategies draws on various behavioral science disciplines fused with a combination of emotional design and personality neuroscience.

After clarifying your business goals and learning about your customers, we’ll help you develop a suite of psychological models for each of your audience segments then build psychology-inspired strategies for your landing pages, copy, ad campaigns and more.

Our typical process starts with a needs assessment, user research, and psychological model design. We then develop concept models and full creative, delivering the final deliverables in the form of mocks or implementable code.

If you’d like to learn about our process and how it can help you, let us know.

Cognitive UX design

Building motivating technologies is only half the battle. They also need to be intuitive. A solid cognitive approach to user experience design will ensure that users easily navigate the platform, notice what matters, and understand all the content they encounter.

Our approach draws on cognitive psychology fused with classic human-computer interaction and user experience design.

Together, we’ll start with a needs assessment, research, concept development, testing and optimization followed by building hi-fi mocks and delivering the final product. Since we’re also techies, we can deliver your final product in the form of wireframes, hi-fi mocks, spec docs, or implementable code.

Want to learn how we can help make your technologies simple and intuitive? Give us a shout.

Behavioral Science Quick-Start

Use our behavioral science quick-start package to equip your team with the latest tools on keeping your customers engaged, happy, and loyal.

Inspire your team with a fresh new perspective on how your users think, feel and behave. Our quick-start package will give your team a deeper understanding of your segment’s unique emotional needs and psychological hot-buttons.

Together we’ll carry out research on each of your target audiences, after which you’ll receive a detailed report on which psychological strategies work best for each segment and which ones typically backfire. Your team will also be trained on the unique psychological needs for each of your target audiences.

We’ve designed our quick-start package in a modular form, so if you’d like to go deeper, we can further teach you how to translate these insights into actionable strategies based on psychological design principles in combination with customer empathy and respectful communications.

You can also add our personality-targeted advertising services. This includes our team developing personality-targeted advertising for each of your audiences. It also includes access to our proprietary targeting methods where we can reach people across multiple platforms based on their personality.

Ask us about this and we’ll show you studies that show a massive increase in ROI.

Customized Behavioral Psychology Support

If you’d like to mainstream behavioral psychology into your daily operations, we can also provide a custom package that includes a combination of training, consulting and access to our profiling technologies. This will give your team a common understanding of what matters in behavior change. Also, through our scenario-based training methods, this will give them experience in applying these methods in practical and down to earth terms. We guarantee that this will be a fun and valuable learning experience.

To learn more, see our corporate training section, or reach out to arrange a discussion.


The term “behavioral science” describes a wide range of practice areas including consumer psychology, health behavior change, behavioral economics, social marketing, behavioral neuroscience and more. If you need something specialized, we can draw from our vast network of behavioral science associates with expertise in:

  • Online social psychology
  • Gamification
  • Game Design and Education
  • Motivational Coaching
  • Cognitive Psychology and UX
  • Cognitive Psychology in conversion optimization
  • And more

Don’t see your area listed? Speak to us and we can give you more details!

Our approach

We love working at the intersection between psychology and creative communications.

Our approach to behavior change comes from a diverse range of scientific disciplines and practice areas. We draw heavily on classic behavioral science, psychology, and neuroscience with our roots in social marketing, advocacy, and social transformation. What makes us unique is our sharp focus on digital psychology combined with big data.

Over the years, we’ve developed our own hybrid project approach that blends traditional project management methodologies with lean-startup approaches. We’re fans of classic project approaches starting with significant audience research, concept development, prototyping, pre-testing, and deployment followed by ongoing optimization.

In cases where we’re delivering research, specs, design assets, or other digital resources, the final stage will include our handover and a review with you to make sure it’s on the mark.

Over the years, we’ve developed our own hybrid project approach, that blend traditional project management methodologies, with lean-startup approaches. We’re fans of classic project approaches, starting with significant audience research, concept development, prototyping, pre-testing, deployment and then ongoing optimization. However, every project is unique, and we like to adapt our approach to new challenge.