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Empower your team with digital psychology know-how

We'll tailor the training to your unique learning goals, business challenges, and needs

Build your team’s knowledge and skills in applying behavioral science to a wide range of digital media practices, cutting across interactive design, user experience, digital marketing, content strategy, and conversion optimization.

Small teams, large teams—whether it’s training for a particular department or digital media professionals across your entire institution.

Why companies bring us in to train their teams

Just some of the benefits that companies tell us they love about our training:

    • Building consensus on what matters for marketing and design
    • Learning new strategies for building cross-department digital strategies
    • Giving a common language for better communication and teamwork
    • Inspiring new perspectives, ideas, and visionary thinking
    • Giving more knowledge than their competitors through intensive training
    • Focusing on content relevant to their organization’s specific industry
    • Motivating staff with new ideas to spark their next round of innovations
    • Gaining insights that their competitors don’t yet know, so they can outcompete them
    • Critically assessing and improving their digital products through open discussions and critical self-assessments
    • Walking away with wireframes and specs ready to polish and publish

The format we recommend

We’re flexible! We can accommodate all your training needs but we find most of our clients prefer running workshops for groups from 15–25 participants over the course of 2–3 days, from 9:00–5:00.

Our minimum number of participants is 10, and we can train large groups, although, in practice, we find that groups of about 22 or fewer benefit most from an intimate style of training.

Just talk to us about your learning goals and we’ll discuss best group sizes.

Your customized workshop

We offer customized curricula, modules, case studies, and exercises … all relevant to your staff’s training needs and your organization’s goals.

We want to get to know you better, so we’ll talk with you about your daily work processes, target audiences, business and marketing challenges, as well as your team’s desired learning outcomes.

Next, we’ll work with you to develop a customized combination of modules, exercises, and case studies.

Below is an overview of our courses, from which we will tailor your workshop.

Psychology for Digital Behavior Change [DBC1]

Grasp and apply the essential lessons in digital psychology …

Learn how to recognize and apply over 40 principles of digital psychology. Develop new skills in auditing the psychology behind various technologies and learn new approaches to building human-centered technology.

This is our most popular workshop and the one we recommend as a starting point for most people who want to learn how to apply digital psychology.

  • We also offer a 1-day boot camp version.
  • Workshop DBC2 (below) continues the lessons covered in DBC1.

Learn more about Workshop DBC1 >>

Psychological Architectures of Digital Behavior Change [DBC2] (1 day)

Scale up your knowledge and learn how to build “psychological architectures”

Build on the principles learned in DBC1. Discover how to build psychological architectures—the larger design patterns that underpin landing pages, habit loops, gamification, and more.

Then learn how to combine psychology with a focus on those principles that are useless in isolation, that can easily backfire, and which combine for hard-hitting impact.

Plus, develop new skills in building persuasive user journeys, along with 10 new principles of interactive feedback psychology.

This workshop is for those who have completed our DBC1 workshop or who are taking workshops DBC1 and DBC2 together.

Learn more about Workshop DBC2 >>

Emotional Design Psychology [EDP](2-day)

Deepen your understanding of what shapes user emotion and behavior

Discover how to build emotionally intelligent websites, apps, and campaigns by learning the psychology and neuroscience of user emotion, motivation, cognition, and behavior. Develop new skills in building emotion-driven wireframes, authoring empathetic content, conducting emotional design audits, producing engaging visuals, and more.

The workshop covers a wide range of strategies and techniques for keeping your users happy, satisfied, and loyal.

You can take this workshop at any time but you’ll get more out of it if you complete DBC1 first. We also offer a 1-day boot camp version.

Learn more about Workshop ED >>

Health Behavior Change Technology (1–3 days)

We also offer a health behavior change version of DBC1 and DBC2.

Who we've trained:

Practical … Scientific … Easy …

Our workshops are grounded in science but presented in an easy-to-understand combination of modules, group activities, and hands-on exercises.

Meet your instructor

Brian Cugelman, PhD

With an extensive career running online projects and studies for industry, non-profit organizations, governments, and the United Nations, Dr. Brian Cugelman has been working as an online behavior change specialist since 1997.

If you'd like to learn more about your instructor, read Dr Cugelman's bio or see what he has to say about the workshop in his own words.

Have a question?

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