Online Training
Fall Term

Oct-Nov 2020

Here is the schedule for our Fall Term.

Once registered, you’ll get immediate access to the DBC & EDP lessons.

Then we’ll start the LIVE behavioral design tutorials on Oct 8, 2020.
Also, we’ll open up the optional certification tests at the end of the LIVE tutorial term.

You can go at your own pace or follow our training schedule.

Your pace

If you want to complete the course at your pace, you can start the online lessons now and join the LIVE tutorials.

Complete everything in 8-weeks

If you want to go fast, the schedule below is for a 8-week intensive, that takes you through all content, tutorials, and tests.



WEEKS 1-5 : Psychology for Digital Behavior Change [DBC]
Oct 08, 2020LIVE DBC tutorial (13:00-14:30 EST)
Oct 15, 2020LIVE DBC tutorial (13:00-14:30 EST)
Oct 22, 2020LIVE DBC tutorial (13:00-14:30 EST)
Oct 29, 2020LIVE DBC tutorial (13:00-14:30 EST)
Nov 05, 2020LIVE DBC tutorial (13:00-14:30 EST)
WEEKS 6-8 : Emotional Design Psychology & Neuroscience [EDP]
Nov 12, 2020LIVE EDP tutorial (13:00-14:30 EST)
Nov 19, 2020LIVE EDP tutorial (13:00-14:30 EST)
Nov 26, 2020LIVE EDP tutorial (13:00-14:30 EST)
WEEK 9: Bonus pilot testing class
Dec 03, 2020Show and DON’T tell

All LIVE tutorials run from 13:00 to 14:00 EST. They’re recorded.

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