Leonardo Restivo, PhD

Scientific Advisor & Product Developer

For over 17 years, Leo has worked as a Behavioral Neuroscientists, for numerous universities, with a focus on experimental neuroscience. He has published over 20 scientific papers, many on the neuroanatomy of memory and behavior.

He is also a founding partner for Hubbian, Inc., an information design company specialized in the development of data solutions and web applications for the biomedical and life sciences fields, where Leo participates in product development, UI/UX development, strategic planning, web-analytics and conference analytics.

Leo collaborates with AlterSpark on developing neurologically-based personality assessment tools, lexical parsing engines, and predictive algorithms aimed at integrating neuroscience with online behavior. He also provides backstopping support on AlterSpark’s training on using neuroscience for interactive design and marketing, to ensure AlterSpark’s training is grounded in the latest brain science.

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