Interactive Web Designer with a Behavioral Science Edge – ASAP

AlterSpark is seeking an interactive web designer, to support a rapid and large-scale web design project, that blends standard UX and web design principles, with behavioral design principles.

The ideal candidate should have considerable experience in responsive and adaptive website design for desktop, tablet, and mobile–including the use of grid layouts. They must understand accessible design standards. Extra bonus points work working on projects with Angular Material.

The contractor will work with our Senior Visual Designer and liaise with our UX Designer, and Behavioral Science Lead.


  • At least 3 years of work experience in web & mobile design, with experience designing a wide variety of interactive design assets
  • Excellent visual design skills, with a keen eye for design aesthetics
  • Experience working with various template systems, theming, and building complex UI components from simple ones
  • Applied knowledge of layout, graphic and other graphic design fundamentals
  • Able to create wireframes, and lo-fi/hi-fil visual prototypes
  • Skilled in accessible design, and able to make tradeoffs to ensure a balance between usable, functional and accessible design—while also balancing brand and aesthetic design goals
  • Able to follow web-based style guides from conceptualization to production
  • Non-negotiable, they must have at least basic HTML/CSS skills

Our company specializes in applied behavioral science, so this is a great fit for a designer with a passion for psychology, behavioral design, behavioral economics, or any area of design for behavior change. This project is focused on transforming the educational standards impacting millions of people.   

Nice traits

  • Ability to balance, prioritize, and deliver excellent results under tight deadlines
  • Have a good instinct when it comes to intuitive interfaces and workflows
  • Able to multi-task, prioritize and adapt under aggressive timelines, multiple projects, and changing requirements in real-time
  • Give and receive constructive, detailed input and feedback to your colleagues during brainstorms, and internal design reviews.
  • Strong communication skills

Software knowledge requirements

  • Balsamiq
  • Sketch
  • InVision
  • Adobe Suite


We are seeing an independent contractor, and will only accept individuals. This project starts immediately, full time during the full month of Aug 2019 with some flexibility, then one and off during Sep 2019. They will work in our Kensington Market office, in downtown Toronto. Compensation is $28 / hour, but higher should a senior consultant apply.

We will give preferential treatment for anyone who has completed AlterSpark’s training on digital psychology. If you have received a referral from a partner or friend of AlterSpark, make sure you let us know.

How to apply

To apply, send us a cover letter, resume, and design portfolio. Please include prototypes and examples of user research. Address them to “Rena Cugelman and Joshua Jia”, at

Anyone selected will be invited for an interview in our Toronto, Kensington Market office. This job starts immediately. If it’s a good fit, apply immediately. The longer you wait and the longer you take to come in, the lower your chances of success.