UX Researcher with a Behavioral Science Edge – ASAP 

We (alterspark.com) are seeking a UX researcher who is able to support work on process modelling, information architecture, and wireframing. They will facilitate interactive, but remote user studies along with visual and behavioral design studies, using cloud UX and research tools.

The UX Researcher will help AlterSpark run user-centered projects, and shaped by a rapid pipeline of user tests. They will work between a team of senior specialist in behavioral science, UXD, graphic design, conversion design, and content strategy.

We will run standard UX tests such as task completion time, taxonomy clarity, click-through tests, etc… We will also run behavioral science studies, on psychology-driven design. The timeline for this project is very tight, so the work will operate through rapid cycles of design, testing, learning.

The ideal candidate should have at least 3 years experience in UXD and UX research. They must have good experience in UX-research using a variety of online tools for information architecture development, click testing, user interviews, etc… They will help with data collection, processing mocks for different design tests, setting up experiments, and analysis.

They must have experience working with:

  • Balsamiq
  • Sketch
  • InVision
  • OptimalWorkshop
  • UsabilityHub
  • Other online user testing and research tools

They need solid prototyping skills, and ability to prepare mocks for online testing. They also need good communication skills and the ability to coordinate testing inputs, and nudging colleagues/clients to get study inputs when required. Bonus point if you have experience in design for angular material applications.

Our company specializes in applied behavioral science, so this is a great fit for a UX designer with a passion for psychology, behavioral design, behavioral economics, or any area of design for behavior change. This project is focused on transforming the educational standards impacting millions of people.

We are seeing an independent contractor, and will only accept individuals. This project starts immediately, full time during the full month of Aug 2019 with some flexibility, then one and off during Sep 2019. They will work in our Kensington Market office, in downtown Toronto. Compensation is $30 / hour, but higher should a senior consultant apply.

We will give preferential treatment for anyone who has completed AlterSpark’s training on digital psychology. If you have received a referral from a partner or friend of AlterSpark, make sure you let us know.

How to apply
To apply, send us a cover letter, resume, and design portfolio. Please include prototypes and examples of user research. Address them to “Dr. Cugelman and Joshua Jia”, at team@alterspark.com.

Anyone selected will be invited for an interview in our Toronto, Kensington Market office. This job starts immediately. If it’s a good fit, apply immediately. The longer you wait and the longer you take to come in, the lower your chances of success.