Web Content Consultant (Short-term in Toronto)

We are seeking a digital media contractor to help our team with a website content migration project.

The contractor will help migrate content from various sources, to a new website, and then assist in linking-up assets, layout, style fixes and ensuring accessible design.

Our ideal candidate will be a generalist, comfortable working with editorial updates, formatting images, tinkering with CMS settings, and filling diverse gaps to help us get the job done.

The contractor will work in our Kensington Market office, in Toronto, Canada.

This is good for an independent contractor with free time over the next few weeks, or someone starting their career, but who has a few years experience, and is start building their career in digital media.

Training, support, and coaching is provided.


The ideal candidate should have 2+ years experience working with content management systems, formatting web documents, and ensuring web design/editorial styles. They should have excellent English skills, and enjoy detail-oriented, routine web work.

Specifically, our ideal candidate, should have experience:

  • Working with a few content management systems, and making basic system configurations
  • Working with various web content, such as blogs, pages, images, and other digital assets
  • Migrating large content collections, and reformatting web content to fit various formats
  • Working with basic HTML formatting
  • Cropping and resizing images to fit various formats
  • Reviewing web content for any violations of quality standards

Our ideal candidate, should fit with these qualities:

  • Detail oriented: This is idea for a detail-oriented thinker, who spots small errors, and other details that other people typically miss
  • Routine-loving: They should be an efficient worker, comfortable taking on routine content processing tasks
  • Proud of their work: They should take pride in the quality of their work
  • Fast learner: They must be able to pick up new skills fairly fast
  • Digital media savvy: They should be comfortable communicating with people by phone, email, text, IM, Twitter, Facebook, and other digital channels
  • Education: They should have relevant education
  • Psychology oriented: They should take an interest in the human mind, how people think, as we specialize in applied behavioral science


We are seeing a local, Toronto-based independent contractor, and will only accept individuals. The incumbent will work in our Kensington Market office, in downtown Toronto.

We will give preferential treatment for anyone who has completed AlterSpark’s training on digital psychology. If you have received a referral from a partner or friend of AlterSpark, let us know.


Compensation is $20 / hour. This is short-term work, lasting 5-10 days. We envision starting from Oct 3rd onward, and will give preference for people who can also work weekends, as our timeline is tight. If things work out, we envision working together more in the future.

As a bonus, everyone who works with AlterSpark as contractor, staff, coop students, etc… is given free access to Dr. Cugelman’s full training system in applied behavioral science.


To apply, send us a cover letter, and resume. Please include examples of any web projects you have produced or supported. Address your letter to “Dr. Cugelman” and email your application to team@behavioraldesign.academy.

Anyone selected will be invited for an interview in our Toronto, Kensington Market office. Interviews will take place Sep 29 to Oct 2 any time in the day, up to around 7:00 in the evening.