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Our 2016-2017 workshops for Canadian and the USA  

United States

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How we calculate your ticket price

We’ve programmed our registration system to calculate the best possible ticket price for you, based on the following rules:

  • For our current offers, you can combine all the offers that you qualify for. In other words, if you qualify for all our current offers, we’ll add up the total savings.
  • For our discount codes, you can apply the best single discount code that you qualify for. In other words, if you qualify for two discount codes, you can use the one with the highest value.
  • For sales tax, we are not obliged to collect taxes for training in the USA. However, in Canada sales tax rates for training vary by province, between 5-13%. We list applicable the rate at checkout, and then displayed tax on your receipt.

If you think our system isn’t giving you the rate that you qualify for, contact us asap and we’ll sort it out.

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