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Fast-track your skills in applying psychology to websites, apps and campaigns.

Our two courses will give you a comprehensive understanding of digital psychology and show you a step-by-step process you can use in your next project.

Build your skills over three courses

Our educational system contains three courses that cover distinct approaches to building psychology-inspired websites, apps and campaigns.

DBC covers digital psychology and behavioral science.
EDP covers the neuroscience of emotional design.
ABD shows you how to translate all the theory to a project of your choosing.

Psychology for Digital Behavior Change [DBC]

DBC is our foundational course covering behavioral science from a psychological perspective. 

You’ll learn the core principles of applied digital psychology, over 50 scientifically proven principles, and develop critical judgment on translating psychology into digital products, services, and campaigns.

Emotional Design Psychology & Neuroscience [EDP]

EDP covers behavioral science from a neuroscience perspective. It simplifies the biology of human cognition and perception by focusing on the emotions that motivate digital behavior.

This course tackles design from the perspective of each distinct motivational system and helps students calibrate their emotional compass.

Applied Behavioral Design [ABD]

ABD is a hands-on course where we guide students through the behavioral design process. It's a LIVE coaching course that runs parallel to DBC and EDP. 

We only offer it LIVE so we can provide coaching feedback, run interactive exercises, and facilitate group processes that help students internalize the content.  

Psychology-inspired design

Intuitive. Practical. Fun.

We teach behavioral science and design in a format that is easy and practical.

Although there is a lot of educational content to cover, we’ll keep your energy up by mixing formal lessons with experiential learning and hands-on exercises.

You’ll enjoy a blend of mini-modules mixed with group activities, live polling, scenario-based learning games, design challenges, and lots of teardowns.

To keep our online learning as engaging as the classroom, we run weekly LIVE tutorias with interactive exercises and a full behavioral design process. 

Celebrating our 10th year, training thousands of students in small classrooms.

Learn however you like

Take our courses online, in the classroom, or through customized corporate options.

If you need to mix and match let us know.

Online Training

Enjoy over 25-hours of training, with LIVE tutorials, the full behavioral design process and optional certification.

Classroom training

Fast-track your skills in behavioral design with 3-5 days of learning, interactive exercises, and design challenges.

Corporate training

Boost your team’s expertise with interactive training, delivered online or in-person, tailored to your exact needs.

How we teach

We’ve spent years finding the best ways to teach applied psychology and behavioral design. Most of our content comes from scientific journals, and we shun pop psychology.

So how do we translate hard-core science into fun, intuitive, and practical training?

Here’s how:

Interactive lessons

To help you develop deeper insight, you’ll join anonymous psychometric polls, discussions about behavioral impacts and various exercises around psychology-inspired design and analysis.

Psychological infographics

Rather than explain concepts with long lectures, we use lots of visuals to explain ideas. Our slides and handouts are largely infographics built from scientific studies.

Your behavioral design project

You’re invited to bring any project class, then develop prototypes as we coach you through our behavioral design methodology. The more you’re invested in the project, the better you’ll learn, and the more you’ll get out of the class.

Scenario-based learning games

You’ll use our cards to play educational games designed to help you develop expert-like judgement in applied psychology. We’re grateful to Dr. Chandross for building these games.

Behavioral science software

We’ve developed software that predicts the psychological strategies to nudge your users, and warns you about backfire risks. You’ll use our software to get behavioral insights into your target audiences, and then inspire your psychology-inspired creative.

Science-inspired creativity

Not many people realize this, but evidence-inspired design is like a game of improv. People are normally stiff at first, but we’ll help you loosen up and enjoy the science-inspired creative process. It’s so much fun.

A bigger picture

Dr. Cugelman is known for his research on merging different behavioral science fields into a simple unifying system. You’ll get a bigger picture perspective, that cuts across many fields, that is presented in simple, and down-to-earth terms.

Deeper insight

Digital psychology is regular psychology with special rules. If you can’t understand the psychology of daily life, you’ll never be good at using it in tech. We’ll cover the psychology that drives people and society, then go digital, and look at the human factors that matter.

Experiential learning

Rather than tell you about psychological concepts, whenever possible, we’ll lead you to experience them. Seeing is believing. There’s no better way to make the principles stick.

Have a team to train?

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If you have 10–25 or more colleagues and prefer tailored training, see our corporate training options. 

I have a small team

Small teams of 3–5 save 15% with a group promo code. And if they bring a project to class, they’ll leave with prototypes too.

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Psychology for Digital Behavior Change [DBC]

USD $499

On-demand video lessons

15 hours

5-Weeks LIVE ABD Tutorials

2-years unlimited tutorial access
Thursdays from 13:00-14:30 EST

Private support group

Feedback on your work during the LIVE term

Optional certification test

Digital Behavior Change Certificate (DBCC) TM
Foundational skills for the DBDC Certificate


Emotional Design Psychology [EDP]

USD $399

On-demand video lessons

10 hours

3-Weeks LIVE ABD Tutorials

2-years unlimited tutorial access
Thursdays from 13:00-14:30 EST

Private support group

Feedback on your work during the LIVE term

Optional certification test

Emotional Design Psychology Certificate (EDPC) TM
This qualifies you for the Applied Behavioral Design Certificate (ABDC)TM

Complete Package [DBC + EDP]

USD $798

On-demand video lessons

25 hours

8-Weeks LIVE ABD Tutorials

2-years unlimited tutorial access
Thursdays from 13:00-14:30 EST

Private support group

Feedback on your work during the LIVE term

Optional certification test

Digital Behavior Change Certificate (DBCC) TM
Emotional Design Psychology Certificate (EDPC) TM
Applied Behavioral Design Certificate (ABDC)TM


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What students are saying

By providing a solid foundation in design principles from psychology and neuroscience, Brian empowers you to build more effective and efficient design solutions. Engaging, Informative, interactive and immensely valuable workshop for professionals at any level.

Mike Nomura

Product Designer, Facebook

Brian’s workshop was great! Very informative and I look forward to any other workshops that will be coming up in the near future.

Nicola WIlliams

User Experience Designer, Expedia Canada Corp.

An invaluable course to understand and practically apply persuasive digital behavior principles and architectures. I will certainly be applying this knowledge to my work as an e-learning/UI designer.

Derrin Edwards

eLearning & UI Design Lead, Ericsson

I greatly appreciated the content and the research that went into producing this coursework. I can find ways to use it immediately to make my work more effective.

Daniel Turman

Associate Creative Director, Inc

This workshop helped me to gain more insight into becoming a better UX designer. The page audits are tremendous and the toolkit is something I will use on a daily basis.

Czara de la Llana

Senior Interaction/UX/UI Designer, Yellow Pages

Great workshop! ... We will start implementing some of the ideas in our projects.

Alex Aranda

Senior User Experience Designer, Samsung Electronics