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We offer 3 levels of certification, including a Certificate of Completion, Certificate of Participation, and Certificate of Mastery.


(1) Certificate of Completion

This certificate is for participants who have completed 90–100% of the training modules. Attendance is taken at the end of each day, and participants who complete all modules will receive a Certificate of Completion, stating the workshop title, training date, and institutional location, along with the modules and instructional hours completed. Typically, our 1-day workshops contain 10 modules with 6.5 hours of instruction, while our 2-day workshops contain 20 modules with 13 hours of instruction.


(2) Certificate of Participation

This certificate is for participants who have completed less than 90% of the modules. Our Certificate of Participation contains the same information as the Certificate of Completion but does not list the number of modules or hours of instruction received (as these cannot be verified).


(3) Certificate of Mastery (upon successful completion of an online test)

Those who successfully pass our online test will receive a Certificate of Mastery. All participants who have attended our workshops on the Psychology of Digital Behavior Change are entitled to complete the online certification test to assess their mastery of key principles and skills. There is no additional fee for prior participants and our expected launch date for this test is 2017.