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We offer 3 types of certification. All participants who complete our training receive a Certificate of Completion or a Certificate of Participation.

Those who want to earn formal qualifications, have the option to complete our online exams, to earn Certificates of Mastery.

Certificate of Completion

This certificate is for participants who complete our in-class training. Attendance is taken at the end of each day, and participants who complete all modules will receive a Certificate of Completion, stating the workshop title, training date, and institutional location, along with a formal letter indicating the number of modules and instructional hours completed.

Our 1-day workshops contain 6.5 hours of instructional curriculum, while our 2-day workshops contain 13 hours of instructional curriculum.

Participants who are unable to attend the full workshop, can request a Certificate of Participation which contains the same information as the Certificate of Completion but does not list the number of modules or hours of instruction received, as these cannot be verified.

AlterSpark provides the following Certificates of Completion:

  • Psychology for Digital Behavior Change (DBC1)
  • Psychological Architectures of Digital Behavior Change (DBC2)
  • Emotional Design Psychology & Neuroscience (ED)

Certificate of Mastery

To demonstrate mastery of behavioral science principles in each workshop, AlterSpark provides test-based certification, as follows:

  • Digital Behavioral Science Certificate (CX-DBS) TM
  • Emotional Design Architect Certificate (CX-EDA) TM
  • Psychological Architect Certificate (CX-DPA) TM
  • Digital Psychology Certificate (CX-DP) TM

The test for 2-day workshops consists of 100 multiple choice questions, while the 1-day workshop contains 50 questions, all based on the principles, definitions and models within the Reference Manual for each workshop. Participants must pass 60% of the questions, within the test time-limit.

Below is an overview of the requirements for each certificate.

Certificates of Mastery Coursework requirements Test requirements
Digital Behavioral Science Certificate (CX-DBS)TM 32.5 hours of instruction for workshops DBC1, DBC2 and ED Pass the 3-tests containing 150-items for CX-DP, CX-DPA and CX-EDA
Emotional Design Architect Certificate (CX-EDA)TM 13 hours of instruction in workshop ED Pass the 60-item test for CX-EDA
Psychological Architect Certificate (CX-DPA)TM 19.5 hours of instruction in workshop DBC1 and DBC2 Pass the 30-item test for CX-DPA

Note: The test for CX-DPA can only be written after passing the test for CX-DP

Digital Psychology Certificate (CX-DP)TM 13 hours of instruction in workshop DBC1 Pass the 60-item test for CX-DP


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