We offer 3 types of certification. All participants who complete our training receive a Certificate of Completion or a Certificate of Participation. Those who want to earn formal qualifications have the option to complete our online exams to earn Certificates of Mastery.

Certificate of Mastery (optional)

To demonstrate mastery of applied behavioral science, AlterSpark provides test-based certification. This optional certification program is included in the course price and contains resources to help students prepare, along with 3 attempts to pass. Below is a description of each certificate and the requirements for attainment.

Behavioral Design Certification - DBCC

Digital Behavior Change Certificate (DBCC)

Behavioral Design Certification - EDPC

Emotional Design Psychology Certificate (EDPC)

Behavioral Design Certification - DBDC

Digital Behavioral Design Certificate (DBDC)

Mastery certificatesCoursework requirementsTest requirements

Digital Behavior Change Certificate (DBCC)TM

DBC participation, with 19.5 hours of classroom instruction or online lessons and tutorials.

Pass the 90-item test on the course content with a 60% passing grade.

Emotional Design Psychology Certificate (EDPC)TMEDP participation, with 13 hours of classroom instruction or online lessons and tutorials.Pass the 60-item test on the course content with a 60% passing grade.
Digital Behavioral Design Certificate (DBDC)TMComplete both DBC and EDP, with 32.5 hours of classroom instruction or online lessons and tutorials. Must also complete the behavioral design process in class or online.Pass DBCC and EDPC. Then pass an additional 60-item test on the behavioral design process and emotional design practice, with a 70% passing grade.

Certificate of Completion

This certificate is for participants who complete our classroom training. Attendance is taken at the end of each day, and participants who complete all modules will receive a Certificate of Completion, stating the course title, training date, and institutional location, along with a formal letter indicating the number of modules and instructional hours completed.

Each classroom day, or online tutorial week, contains 6.5 hours of educational curriculum. AlterSpark provides the following Certificates of Completion.

Certificate of Completion - DBC

Psychology for Digital Behavior Change (DBC)

Certificate of Completion - EDP

Emotional Design Psychology & Neuroscience (EDP)

Certificate of Participation

Participants who are unable to attend the full course can request a Certificate of Participation, which contains the same information as the Certificate of Completion but does not certify the number of modules or hours of instruction received, as these cannot be verified. These certificates are available upon request, and if required, students may also request a letter that confirms their enrollment.

Looking to build your career in applied psychology?

Increasingly, organizations recognize the value of behavioral science and applied psychology.

A recent Gallup study found that companies outperform their peers by 85% in sales growth and 25% in gross margin, just by applying behavioral economics.

At the same time, corporations are now scaling-up behavioral science units, and governments have been using nudge units for years.

If you’re looking build your career in applied behavioral science, we recommend that you blend digital psychology with another skill.

Your career may be about UX+psychology, design+psychology, marketing+psychology, copywriting+psychology, and so on.

Our training will teach you the core lessons and skills in digital behavioral science. Our certification will prove that you know the material. But it’s up to you to pursue the career you want.