Digital Psychology

Master digital psychology through a blend of online courses, weekly live tutorials, and hands-on training.

After 7 years of in-class training we’ve put our most popular courses online. Better yet, they now come with a basket of bonus features designed to teach you essential lessons and skills while keeping you engaged and providing a range of support to make sure you fly through with ease.

If you wish to get certified through our program, take the test to earn your Digital Psychology Certificate (CX-DP)TM  and Psychological Architect Certificate (CX-DPA)TM .

Your training package includes

1. Online courses for DBC1 and DBC2


Enjoy the same DBC1 and DBC2 courses with over 15 hours of online training that includes educational videos, reinforcement exercises, accompanying cheat sheets, and study guides.

We're constantly updating the content, so you'll get 24 hour on-demand access to our training portal with two years of access to all the latest updates, content revisions, and training resources.

Read more about each course:

2. Weekly live tutorials

Weekly live tutorialsTo help reinforce your learning, each course includes weekly live tutorials where we review the main points from the latest training, go over any particular questions, and do interactive exercises.

Dr. Cugelman runs the tutorials through a blend of structured content reviews while also adapting content to participants' needs. 

If you can’t make our live tutorial, no problem. Post your questions to our private Facebook group and watch the recording after.

3. UX Prototyping Essentials bonus course

To ensure students can translate our digital psychology training into standard industry prototyping tools, we’re throwing in a live course every week covering interactive prototyping and other technical design skills to empower participants to apply the psychological strategies covered in the core course.

This is entirely a student-directed course, fine-tuned based on a needs assessment of what technical skills participants need support with the most to boost the odds the training will help your precise needs.

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4. Optional certification test

All participants receive 3 free attempts to complete our certification test, along with a final coaching tutorial to help you prepare.

Add our Psychological Architect Certificate (CX-DPA)TM  and the Digital Psychology Certificate (CX-DP)TM  to your list of formal qualifications. 



Helping you succeed

We’ve designed our online training and support program to maximize your success through a combination of self-paced online training and weekly live tutorials. You'll have the flexibility to learn when it suits you and our tutorial schedule will keep you on top of the content so you can complete the course faster. And, if you wish to upgrade your qualifications, you'll be ready to take the certification test. 

Our weekly hands-on tutorials are tailored to students' specific learning needs to ensure everyone learns how to apply psychology to their interactive projects. Enjoy a live format with whiteboard videos, interactive prototyping exercises, and opportunities to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty.


Focused learning schedule

To keep you focused and engaged, our fixed tutorial schedule will keep you on track and ready to take your certification exam.


Downloadable study resources

You’ll have access to our suite of templates, cheat sheets, wireframing tools, and prototyping templates. 

Private community

Access weekly tutorials in a private Facebook group to ask questions, share examples, and catch up on sessions you may have missed. 


Due to scheduling conflicts, we have changed the dates of our e-learning.
The original training date from Feb–Apr 2019, will now run from May-June 2019.

Tuition fees

Have questions? Contact us at team(at) or phone +1 (888) 977-2055.

If you miss the registration deadline, join our waitlist for the next live course.

After registration

After registering in our learning management platform you'll access the full agenda and course waiting room, with full access given two weeks the before course starts. 



The next step takes you to PayPal to process your tuition fee. If you have problems with PayPal or need a formal invoice for your company, let us know and we'll sort it out.


If something comes up and you need to cancel, postpone or trade your ticket, our cancellation policy is very flexible, provided you have not yet opened the courses. 


Based on 7 years of face-to-face training with over 1,600 pros from:

What I hope you'll get out of this course

Brian Cugelman, PhD

Brian CugelmanWhen you look at the research on what it takes to run a great e-learning program, you’ll quickly discover it takes a lot more than a bunch of static videos.

My team and I have put a lot of effort into our online training program, so let me share a few of the key things we believe will help you get the most out of our suite of online courses.

Engaging lessons

The content of our online training has been optimized over the course of 7 years while teaching digital psychology to teams and individuals across the USA and Canada. I also learned a lot on how to teach the subject while lecturing at the University of Toronto, York University, and giving guest lectures at MIT, Johns Hopkins, and more.

My students tell me they like the the way I translate the science into lessons that are both easily understood and entertaining. To keep the science down-to-earth and accessible, I make my lessons diverse with a blend of formal theory, case studies, stories, structured discussions, design teardowns, creative design challenges, group polls, videos, and hands-on exercises.

Effective e-learning

I’m picky about what it takes to run an effective e-learning program. Research shows that if you simply ask students to watch online videos they will learn less, drop out more, and perform worse on tests.

I want my students to have a transformative learning experience, which is why I avoided creating low-quality static training videos. I instead focused on producing high-quality videos with a package of downloadables, live tutorials, and tailored hands-on training. Moreover, I’m running everything on a reasonably paced schedule leading to our final exam.

Realistic behavioral science

We don’t only teach behavioral psychology, we carry out impact studies for organizations like the United Nations as well. I also personally submit our research to scientific peer-review journals and conferences (

My training is focused on what’s possible, hype-free, and designed to empower you with a new set of strategies and skills.

Comprehensive training system

My focus as a teacher and scientist has been to develop the most comprehensive training system on applying psychology to digital media. I’ll take you step-by-step through a comprehensive training system that cuts through the jargon and focuses on what matters.

I’m not a fan of training that hobbles together random content from from different teachers. I also don’t like courses that pull together arbitrary shopping lists of psychological principles and I really dislike courses that focus too much on superficial tactics without enough focus on the principles that matter.

Instead, my goal is for you to understand what matters and empower you with a transformative insight that will pay out over the rest of your career.

A system that keeps improving

Instead of building more courses I’ve focused on improving our existing ones, making them better and better all the time with consistent updates using the latest resources. I’ve opted for a 2 year subscription platform in the interest of giving you up-to-date and industry-relevant content you can actually use instead of selling you lifetime access to outdated content which is what most schools offer.

The reason for this is though humans don’t change and the principles I teach should be good for thousands of years, their digital media applications will likely become outdated within five. As such, I feel a two-year subscription approach will be better for everyone involved.

Got questions?

If you have any questions about the course, reach out. Looking forward to hearing from you.




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