LIVE Digital Skills Bootcamp

To ensure participants in our online training can translate our digital psychology training into practice, we’re offering this optional free course on core digital media skills. It’s 100% hands-on and focused on the fundamentals of interactive design and communications.

Since our behavioral psychology courses cover a broad range of digital media applications, the better you understand the fundamentals that cut across many digital media professionals’ work, the better you’ll appreciate our training.

We’ve adopted a flexible format for this class which starts with a needs assessment survey, followed by a customized training program designed by Dr. Cugelman based on the students’ specific learning needs. The idea is to bring everyone to the same level, which means providing support across the entire student body.

By the end of this mini-course, you will be able to prototype software using standard tools. When combined with the main course, you’ll be empowered to design psychology-inspired information architectures, prototypes, copy, and a bunch of other standard tools.

Who should take this

This course is suitable for anyone who doesn’t know how to apply any of the topics listed in the course. UX designers should know most of the content, but may want to join the copyediting class. For anyone who doesn’t know how to build these tools up from scratch should join us.

Course format

As a student led course, Dr. Cugelman will finalize the syllabus after conducting an evaluation of student’s current skills, learning needs, and then he will ask the class for sign-off, before finalizing the exact agenda.

Dr. Cugelman will teach this course live one hour each week, for four weeks.

How to sign up

This course is free for all students enrolled in our online training. Everyone who enrolls is entitled to attend once per tuition fee. If you’re attending our in-class training and want to take this, speak to us.

How this course will help you

The purpose of this course is to ensure you can translate our training into standard industry tools, mocks, and specs. Though this live course will not focus on psychology per se, it will empower you to translate everything you’ve learned in the main courses (DBC1, DBC2,EDP) into psychology-inspired design tools that you can share with colleagues, use to build consensus, or hand over to developers.

We’ll primarily focus on desktop and mobile prototyping as we cover:

  • Business model planning and stakeholder-centered design
  • Marketing segments and personas
  • UML and software modelling
  • Information architecture, site maps, and navigational systems
  • Low-fi wireframing and UI elements
  • Processes, flow modelling, and storyboarding
  • Copyediting basics
  • User testing and conversion testing