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Industry-focused on-site workshops

Our industry-focused on-site training includes customized content relevant to specific industry applications.

Health Behavior Change Technology (1–3 days)

A workshop for health-focused organizations

This health version of our Digital Behavior Change workshops (DBC1 and DBC2) focuses on the application of behavioral science in the design of health behavior change websites, apps, and campaigns.

The content focuses on case studies from the health sector, and includes classic behavior change models along with plain-language modules on evidence-based design that feature health-related digital media such as risk assessment screeners, self-regulation trackers, digital coaching models, and more.

We offer this workshop through the Faculty of Health at York University or as part of our on-site training.

Online Insurance & Financial Services (1–2 days)

A workshop for any organization that provides insurance & financial services or relies primarily on digital marketing and on-site customer acquisition

We offer this unique industry-focused workshop on best practices in digital psychology. Benefit from a thorough introduction to core behavioral science principles and learn how insurance and financial services companies can use these principles for customer acquisition, conversion, and retention.

We offer this workshop with our partner Kanetix (, Canada’s largest digital customer acquisition platform for insurance and financial services.

Marketing Automation & Digital Psychology – Quick-Start (2 days)

A workshop for organizations thinking of starting marketing automation or who want to optimize their current marketing technology platforms

This workshop focuses on everything you need to know about putting your psychology-based digital strategy into practice using marketing automation.

Learn about:

• psychology-based content strategy
• landing page psychology
• user journey mapping
• funnel development
• lead scoring
• conversion optimization
• technical tricks in implementation
• and more …

We offer this workshop in conjunction with our partner Macromator (

This workshop is a great match with our introductory workshop. Or, you can also combine our introductory with this advanced workshop.

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