On-site training

We provide a range of on-site workshops and formal training at your office, for small teams, whether it’s a particular department, or training for digital media professionals across an entire institution.

All of our workshops are based on science, but presented with clear visual examples and hands-on exercises on how to apply behavioral science to interactive design and marketing, helping participants expand their knowledge and develop new skills.

Our on-site training provides many advantages such as a curriculum that is tailored to meet your operational and staff’s learning goals. Typically, before training, we like to get to know our clients better, so we’ll ask questions about your daily work processes, target audiences, business or marketing challenges, and desired outcomes, so we can create a customized set of modules, case studies, and exercises relevant to your team members.

From our experience, we’ve found most of our clients prefer running workshops for groups of 15-25 participants over the course of 2 days, from 9:00–5:00. It’s not a problem for us to train more, but in practice, we find that groups beyond 20 participants lose their intimate level of training, and we much prefer to keep groups within this range to provide an environment for idea sharing, enhanced participation opportunities and better learning results.

How digital psychology training will help your team

Here are some of the reasons why companies love our on-site training:

  • Building consensus among colleagues on what matters for online marketing and design
  • Learning new tools and processes for building cross-department digital strategies
  • Giving professionals a common language for better communication and teamwork
  • Inspiring staff with a fresh new perspectives, ideas and inspiration for online projects
  • Giving your team more knowledge than your competitors through intensive training
  • Focusing on content relevant to your organization’s specific industry challenges
  • Firing up your staff with motivation to implement your next round of innovations
  • Gaining research insights your competitors don’t know yet, so you can get to market first
  • Taking a critical look at your digital products and developing safe improvements
  • Walking away with wireframes and specs to ready for your team to polish up and implement

Our core workshops

We provide workshops from 1-4 days. You can go with one of our fixed workshops, or we can develop customized training that combines modules from any of our courses.

Emotional Design Psychology [E2] (2-day)

This workshop introduces the latest scientific findings on the neurochemistry of personality, and shows your team how to develop interactive design and marketing strategies that are grounded in your users’ emotion, motivation, cognition and behavior.

This workshop focusses on the inner causes of user behavior which can be influenced through interactive media, which is distinct from our other workshops, P1, P2, and A1, that focus on external behavior change principles. After learning about the neurological circuits that shape user emotion and behavior, your team will learn how to avoid accidentally triggering negative emotions, and instead will develop a fresh perspective on how to design amazing user experiences and marketing campaigns.

We recommend this workshop for professionals at any level, or as a compliment to any of our other workshops.

Psychology for Digital Behavior Change [P2] (2-days)

This workshop provides an in-depth understanding of the psychological design principles that drive the world’s most successful websites, mobile apps and campaigns. It also covers the foundations of interactive psychology and briefly touches upon the neurochemistry of motivation and emotion.

By the end of this workshop, your team will be able to recognize and apply over 40 behavioral science principles, reverse engineer your competitors’ psychological strategies, build psychology-infused wireframes and optimize them.

This is our most popular workshop which we recommend for most purposes. It provides a comfortable pace for an in-depth dive into core concepts, processes, and applications. This workshop is the first of a 2-part workshop series that continues into A1.

Digital Behavior Change Crash Course [P1] (1-day) 

This course zeros-in on the mission critical principals from our 2-day workshop, with a focus on landing page design, where the goal is to educate, motivate, establish trust, and encourage users to take action.

Running at an intense boot camp pace, your team will gain a high-level overview of the key “make or break” design principles of persuasive design psychology. Participants will obtain tools and methods to immediately audit, design, and fix up existing websites.

We recommend this workshop for beginners and those seeking a condensed training focusing on the mission critical knowledge and skills of digital behavior principles. This is an introductory workshop, which is not designed for more advanced users, who are more likely to benefit from more in-depth training that we offer in our 2-day workshops

Psychological Architectures of Digital Behavior Change [A1] (1-day) 

In this workshop, learn advanced principles and psychological architectures- the winning design patterns that drive influential campaigns and technologies.

You team will learn 10 new principles of feedback psychology, and gain experience building psychological architectures, the behavior change principles that drive popular design patterns such as gamification, landing pages, habit loops, stages of change, and more. We’ll also show you how to apply psychological strategies to multi-stage user journeys and long-term change.

For on-site training, we often recommend adding this content on as a third day workshop, or merging it as part of a 2-day hybrid workshop. This workshop is only available for people who have completed P1 or P2.

Our special edition workshops

Together with our industry partners, we provide a range of specialist workshops. Since these workshops draw on custom content, developed with our partners, for smaller industry segments, these premium workshops will be more relevant to your specific application.

Health Behavior Change Technology (1-3 days)

This edition of our Digital Behavior Change workshop is specifically tailored for the health sector. It focuses on the application of behavioral science to the design of health behavior change websites, apps, and campaigns.

This workshop has most of the same curriculum as our workshops, P1, P2, and A1, but it focusses on health sector case studies, frameworks, evidence-based design, social marketing, and health related online technologies, such as risk assessment screeners, self-regulation trackers, and digital coaching models. We only offer this workshop through the Faculty of Health at York University, or as part of our on-site training.

We recommend this workshop for health-focused organizations, and have received great feedback from public health promotion specialists, intervention designers, and health technologists.

Digital Psychology for Online Insurance & Financial Services (1-2 days)

With our partner Kanetix (www.kanetix.ca), Canada’s largest digital customer acquisition platform for insurance and financial services, we’re offering a unique industry-focused workshop on best practices in digital psychology.

This workshop will give your team a thorough introduction to core behavioral science principles, and show you how insurance and financial services companies can use these principles for customer acquisition, conversion and retention.

We recommend this workshop for any organizations that provide insurance and financial services, or who rely primarily on digital marketing and on-site customer acquisition.

Marketing Automation & Digital Psychology – Quick-Start (2-days)

We have partnered with Macromator (www.macromator.com) to provide this workshop on everything your team needs to know about marketing automation. We’ll show you how to combine psychology with digital strategy and marketing automation technologies.

Your team will learn how to apply specific modules for user journey mapping, funnel development, lead scoring, landing page psychology, persuasive content development, behavior-based measurement and conversion optimization, providing a high-level overview of the technical work and measurement approaches required to implement automated digital strategies.

This workshop is recommended for organizations who have recently adopted marketing automation technologies. However, if you’ve just rolled-out your system, or are looking to launch in the next while, we also offer pre-training consulting, to ensure your foundation is in place so your colleagues will benefit from this workshop.

Optimizing Marketing Automation with Digital Psychology – Advanced (2-days)

With our partner, Macromator (www.macromator.com), this advanced hands-on workshops will introduce your team to new marketing automation approaches, that centers around boosting your customer’s lifetime value across the acquisition, conversion, and retention stages.

Specific modules cover funnel optimization, advanced metrics, techniques for quantifying behavior, segmentation and personalization, advanced nurturing strategies, and feedback psychology, with a focus on hands-on exercises to develop user journeys that use the right types of digital media, with the right psychological appeals, at the right time. We’ll also deal with marketing fatigue, abandonment, and re-engagement strategies.

This workshop is designed for organizations that already have marketing automation platforms in place, and are looking for fresh strategies and approaches, to overcome marketing fatigue and gain an edge over their competitors. It’s also a great complement to our introductory workshop, for organizations that want to combine our introductory and advanced workshop.

Brian has trained teams at these companies.


“Great workshop! … We will start implementing some of the ideas in our projects.”

Alex Aranda
Senior User Experience Designer
Samsung Electronics

Meet your instructor: BBrian Cugelman, PhDrian Cugelman, PhD

  • Recognized expert: He’s been invited to educate the Pentagon, Samsung, Salesforce, Microsoft, and many more
  • Proven scientist: He’s a recognized scientist, published in top scientific journals on digital behavior change
  • Practical practitioner: Brian has extensive hands-on experience building technologies, running high-impact marketing campaigns, and measuring impacts
  • Great instructor: He’s great at translating complex ideas into simple concepts, with a visual and fun approach

Price per person based on group size

Our on-site training rates are lower than our public rates, with the added advantage of offering a curriculum that is tailored to your needs.

Our group rates start at our lowest publicly advertised discount. Then as the number of participants increases, your cost per participant decreases.

Our fees include all print materials, an up-front needs assessment, and the option to select from existing modules to meet specific learning needs. There may be additional fees for travel, accommodations, room/equipment rentals, overheads, or applicable taxes. If you require unique content that is not available in our existing modules, there may be additional costs for content development. These prices are in the USD for training in the USA and CAD for workshops in Canada. We only train groups of 5 when we happen to be in the same city. Otherwise, we start our group training at 10 persons.

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