Behavioral science technology

We’ve developed a suite of neuroscience-driven technologies and algorithms using the same neuroscience we teach.

Join the waitlist where Dr. Cugelman will announce the launch in anticipation of his upcoming books.

SPEAR Personality Types is our beta tool for social personality tests.

Initially, we used this platform in human resources to help teams and their managers work together and explain inter-personal relations. We have developed a tool that maps a team’s psychometric closeness.

We pivoted later to focus on relationship insight and predictive psychology, which we use in our training to help our students develop empathy for their target audiences.

Personality Types AI is our computational linguistics API that drives our psychometric and behavior insight predictions.

It originally started as the API edition of Prof. Thelwall’s sentiment detection algorithm, and later, we developed a computational linguistics tool for reading people’s personalities and emotional and cognitive predispositions.

PersonaSPARK is our persona design tool with behavioral insights.

The current edition uses our first-generation predictions, which we make available to all current students.

Join the waitlist to gain access, which we hope will be around the end of 2022 or early 2023.